Teaching Context

Teaching students to write for the web means teaching context

Photo Credit: Kaptain Kobold via Compfight cc If you know my work, you know I’ve been requiring students to “blog” for class since 2007. Arguably, the definition of blogging has evolved in the last eight years. However, one consistent theme surfaces at the beginning of each semester when students publish their first online assignment. Despite […]

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Tips for young journalists on developing their personal brands

This morning, I presented at the Sponsors of School Publications Greater St. Louis spring conference at Webster University.  Here’s my Prezi, “One does not simply stand out: Tips for young journalists on developing their personal brands.”  Warning: memes ahead! This is the third year I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at #SSPSTL.  My previous presentations […]

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Grumpy Cat PBandJterm

The class with the memorable hashtag, #PBandJTerm

If you saw my Twitter feed in January…besides being mildly annoyed, you probably wondered what the heck #PBandJterm was all about.  In short, it’s the tag used for a three-week course offered during Lindenwood University’s January term called, COM 39103 Special Topics: Creating and Managing Your Online Personal Brand. PB = personal branding; j-term = […]

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tumblr archive page

Teaching with Tumblr

I’m a big fan of finding ways to utilize new media in my classes. Blogger?  That’s so 2007.  Wordpress?  On it.  Twitter?  Got five accounts. Enter Tumblr.  Yes, the cat-GIFing, Don Draper-ing, McKayla not-impressing meme-loving bulletin board of a social media site.  How can this possibly be used for education? After some experimentation, I think […]

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wet paint

Stop waiting for permission to create

In 2007, I began requiring students to blog their assignments in my introductory mass communications course.  At the time, it sounded cutting edge, even for 2007.  Over the last six years, I’ve continued this online publishing expectation for my students.  When you teach in journalism and communications, having students publish class material to a blog […]

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4 Cs of PbandJterm

Three C’s of personal branding for students

Each January, I teach a three-week course called, Creating and Managing Your Online Personal Brand.  You may recognize the course by it’s yummy hashtag, #PBandJterm (PB = personal branding + Jterm = Lindenwood’s January term).  In the 12-day course, I emphasize three areas with students: creation, curation, and community.  Below, is a brief overview of […]

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Information is disposable, experiences are not — a challenge to evolve beyond testing

  Students hate taking tests. I hate giving them. Then why do it? I find myself asking this question each time I stand at the front of the room while my stressed students attempt the obligatory information regurgitation from class discussions.  Using tests as a model for assessment bothers me on an intuitive level.  It […]

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